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We noticed this new art gallery capturing our attention with their colorful paintings. Painting are unique, beautiful masterpieces that you don't just find at any art show or gallery. They have a sense of both realistic and surrealistic features in each painting that makes them so appealing to the eye. You see the art and you get to meet the actual Artist. It couldn't get better than that. All paintings masterpieces are interpreted differently by the viewer in their own perspective, however in this case you get to hear the story behind each work from the artist herself. Love it!   - A.H.
Virga Gallery is named for the talented owner and artist, Virga; she often paints at this location. She is an amazingly gifted artist; she is like ten exceptional artists all in one. Her art is a huge statement of freedom, beauty and creativity. You will love her, the beautiful gallery and her refined art.

This is a first class gallery, high-end art, great variety, beautiful location in downtown Laguna Beach, across from the Laguna Art Museum & Las Brisas.   - K.T.

Classy welcoming gallery, great location, beautiful artwork!  - D.R.

This gallery has quality art you cannot find anywhere else. Virga is beyond outstanding!  - J.R.

Everyone needs to speak with Virga and see her incredible art . . . NOW!  
- S.H.

Great selection of masterful works! Virga is easy to speak with and very knowledgable. I will be going back very soon!  -C.S.

Superb gallery location, displays and contents. Lots of natural light. It's always a pleasure to meet the actual artist whose work is on display.  - M.G.

Great collections. Wonderful person.  -J.K.

Expressive and colorful.  -L.W.

Unique expressions of human emotion.  -A.R.

Lovely art by many artists.  -L.S.

The location of this gallery and the variety of artwork makes Virga Gallery a must-see!  -A.H.

Beautiful collection of contemporary fine art, featuring established and emerging artists.  -D.K.

I love Virga's art. It's imaginative and she is a remarkable talent. She also displays other fine artists. Virga has very sophisticated art.  -D.K.

The original most talented expressionistic work. The gallery was exceptional!  -C.F.

Very open light filled gallery near the beach. Outstanding major art works.  -M.S.

Fresh themes and great exhibits.  -V.N.

Location location location and oh yes beautifully curated art.  -B.E.

Unique originals y very well-educated international artist, excellent portraying of humans in emotion.  -A.R.

Visited it before. Great, colorful, insightful gallery.  -I.C.

Very artistic, special, extraordinary.  -V.V.

Fantastic oils & variety of other works available.  -G.O.

Simply unique. True art.  -P.T.

The artwork is beautifully expressive. Virga is the accomplished artist of many of the works, and she is often there. The setting is beautiful, right across from Laguna Art Museum. Guest artists are very well-chosen, and variety is another asset.  -R.C.


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